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SEO is an ongoing process – not an overnight activity……

It’s a series of activities that need to be undertaken over time
that will gradually improve the organic search engine rankings of your website.

SEO is a very viable marketing outlet that can bring your business more qualified leads and customers.

Moreover, studies have shown that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads.

The Budget Websites And Apps SEO process is broken down into 4 key areas as below:

Site Audit

Keyword Research
Internal Links Optimisation
Technical Audit
SEO Analysis

Keyword Research

Keyword Research
Keyword Suggestions
Keywords are the backbone to any SEO campaign. Using our SEO keyword tool we can suggest keywords ideas for your site content and on-page SEO.
Competitor Keyword Analysis
With our keyword spy tool we can reveal which keywords your competitor’s pages are already ranking for and add the appropriate keywords to your campaign.
Google Search Console Suggestions
Our SEO tools link to your Google Search Console account. From here we can examine which keyword search terms are already delivering traffic to your site that you may not have considered and add them to your campaign.
Keyword Basket
We can keep track of all your campaign keywords in your campaign basket. We can easily view data on all the keywords and quickly add new keywords to your campaign when if and when required.

Internal Link Optimization
Link Text Analysis
Using our Link Text Analysis tool we can investigate what link texts are used in incoming and outgoing links on your website. We review all anchor texts to make sure your internal links are relevant, diversified and Hummingbird-friendly.
Link Juice
The Budget Websites And Apps Page Authority Analysis allows us to investigate how much link juice your key pages are receiving and the anchor texts that are used. We then optimize your internal link juice flow to give more authority to the most important and highly converting pages.
Landing Page Analysis
This is where we analyse the internal link building of each of your landing pages. We determine how much link juice a particular page is passing and receiving and discover how much authority that pages carries in the eyes of the search engines.
Removing Wasteful Links
Using the Outbound links analysis tool we can determine which pages of your site are wasting link juice. This is caused by pages linking to pages blocked in a Robots.txt file or pages that contain a Noindex tag.
Opportunities for Internal Link Building
We deliver more link juice through internal linking by running the “Pages not linking” tool to reveal which relevant pages are not linked to your key pages therefore not flowing valuable link juice.

Technical Audit
Site Audit
We will analyze all pages of your site and produce a detailed report on all possible technical errors such as broken links and anchors, server issues and page-not-found errors.

SEO Analysis
On-Site SEO Audit
Your entire site undergoes a weekly website audit to ensure that your site is search engine-friendly, new page URLs do not contain invalid characters, the Robots.txt file and XML sitemap are in place and updated, your Title and Description tags are unique with no duplicate content.
Landing Pages Audit
With the Budget Websites And Apps Landing Page Audit we will score each of your key pages which includes items such as issues found, Google mobile friendliness and page speed score, an average ranking position on Google and a 30 day volume report of visitor traffic for each page.
On-Page SEO Audit
The On-page SEO report details any critical issues found on your page in relation to Google penalties. Each page is checked for mobile friendliness, valid URL structure, schema and open graph markup.
Page Speed Test
Visitors to your site don’t like waiting, so we make sure that your pages load fast. The Page Speed test will detect any technical issues that extend page load time and outline how each item can be fixed.
Mobile SEO Audit
Desktop and mobile search will deliver different results based on a website’s mobile friendliness. Budget Websites And Apps’s mobile SEO tool reports on potential SEO issues that can influence your key page rankings in mobile search.
Sitemap Generation
A sitemap is a critical element for enabling the search engines to index all of your site’s key pages. Sitemaps ensure that new and existing pages are found easily and quickly indexed.

Link building

Link Building

Backlink Quality Check
Competitor Backlink Spy
Content Submission

Link Building

Back link Quality Check
Linking Pages
With the Budget Websites And Apps ‘Linking Pages’ tool we can extract a full list of all incoming links to your website as found by Majestic SEO.  This report will also show whether a given link is good for your sites’s link profile.
Link Texts
Budget Websites And Apps analyses what anchor texts are used in your back links the most often. The link texts help search engines to understand what your website is about. A common error we see is too many exact matching link texts which will hurt your SEO endeavors.
Competitor Link Profile
Budget Websites And Apps can compare the number of your total back links, the diversity of linking domains, number of .GOV and .EDU domains links and no follow links that pass no link juice to the linked pages for your nominated online competitors.
Linking Domains Diversity
Search engines would prefer to see 1 link from 100 domains rather than 100 links from one domain. The Budget Websites And Apps ‘Linking Domain’ report checks whether the linking domains are diverse enough to support your website’s authority.
Most Linked Pages
Budget Websites And Apps  will examine what pages of your site have the most back links. These pages are worthy of optimizing first as they may have the highest ranking positions and contribute a greater number of visitors compared to other pages.
Toxic Link Report
Budget Websites And Apps  scans your website for ‘Toxic links’ and produces a report of the links which may need to be removed via the Google Disavow tool.
Competition Back link Spy
Spy on up to 10 Competitors
The Budget Websites And Apps  competitor spy can include up to 10 competitor sites with high search engine rankings to allow us to reverse engineer their back link building sources.
Backlink Opportunities
This tool enables Budget Websites And Apps to research what kind of competitor-generated content gets the most back links (reviews, info graphics, how-to articles, etc.) and consider creating content of the same type to get more natural back links.
Automated Checks
Budget Websites And Apps  can schedule the Competitor Back link Spy report to run automatically weekly, monthly or quarterly to be sure your competitor information is always up-to-date.
Linking Pages Analysis
Budget Websites And Apps  will evaluate the quality of pages linking to your competitors so we can start your link building with the pages that have high Google PR.
Citation Building
Citations are “links without links” that help your pages to rank better. Budget Websites And Apps assist in contacting webmasters who mentioned your competitors so that you too can get a possible mention.
Content Submission
Search Engine and Directory Submissions
We submit your site URLs to only high-quality search engines and directories.
Local Business Listings
Budget Websites And Apps carefully selects and submits your site to the most appropriate business and service directories. Some of these may be paid or free services
Blog Promotion Sites
Get your blog listed on the popular blog search engines, directories and RSS feeds. Participate in blog communities and build credibility, generate targeted visitor traffic and earn high-quality backlinks.
Media Content Sharing Sites
Showcase your media content on more than 40 photo and video sharing sites, info graphic submission directories and blogs, document sharing sites, etc.
Summary of Your Submission Process
Budget Websites And Apps  supplies a submission report where you can compare the number of your total back links, the diversity of linking domains, number of .GOV and .EDU domains links and no follow links that pass no link juice to the linked pages alongside your competitors’ metrics.

Social Metrics

Web Buzz Monitoring
Social Engagement
Facebook Insights

Website Monitering

Web Buzz Monitering
Industry Trends
Using the Budget Websites And Apps Web Buzz Monitoring tool we search for keywords describing your industry. You will always be notified what topics are hot now so you can create the most appropriate content.
Reputation Management
Enter your company name and the brand names you want to track and use the tool as a reputation management tool. You can participate in highly relevant conversations and post a link to your site where applicable.
Social Media Engagement
Social Media Engagement
Track social activity that links back to your landing pages from Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest to know how you should fine-tune your social media marketing.
Competitor Social Media Popularity
Add competitors’ websites to track their social media popularity. The tactics they use may help you fine-tune your own social media marketing strategy.
Social Traffic
Analyse your social activity effectiveness and learn how many targeted visitors your social media marketing brings
Face Book Insights
Social Reach
It’s important to extend your social reach by learning your niche audience and their interests. The Budget Websites And Apps Facebook Insights tool enables you to learn from your competitors and discover what content drives engagement in your market, find the insights you need to prioritize your efforts, create better content, and drive real social growth, fine-tune your message according to your audience age and gender, learn what content drives comments, reactions and shares and connect with more potential customers.

Marketing Analysis

Rank Tracking
Web Analytics
Competitor Metrics

Rank Tracking

Rank Tracking
Global & Local Search Engines
With the Budget Websites And Apps Rank Checker Tool, you’ll now be able to check keyword rankings on more than 370 global and local search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Goo, Voila, Seznam, Rediff, and many more.
Organic, Ads and Vertical Rankings
Because Google has introduced Universal Search (a.k.a. blended search), it’s now crucial to monitor ALL blended search results which include paid ads and vertical listings (News, Videos, Images, Maps and more).
Mobile vs. Desktop Results
Mobile search now accounts for about 50% of the world searches, so being ranked on mobile devices is critically important so the Budget Websites And Apps Rank Tracker monitors your site’s desktop and mobile rankings.
Local Rank Tracker
In order to see your website rankings exactly the same way your local visitors do, Budget Websites And Apps sets your location (country and city) for consistent results
YouTube Rank Checker
YouTube is now the #2 search engine in the world, so it’s critical to help your own company videos gain high YouTube rankings so Budget Websites And Apps adds as a standalone search engine so you can easily monitor your video marketing efforts
Email Alerts
The Budget Websites And Apps email alert system notifies you of website ranking changes that occur above configured levels. The system will notify you if one of your keywords left the top positions, a keyword lost more than a specified number of positions, your competitors’ positions improved, etc.
Competitor Ranking Analysis
It’s important to keep an eye on your competitors for your targeted keywords. The Budget Websites And Apps Competitor Ranking Analysis will report and exactly where your competition stands so we can monitor any changes that may need to be made to your campaign.
Google Updates as Benchmarks on a Graph
We track all Google Updates for you, so you can easily detect if your site has suffered from a Google algorithm change. Compare the Google Update milestones included in the Rank Tracking and the Web Analytics graphs with changes in your rankings and traffic.
Website Analysis
Combine SEO, Google Analytics & Google Search Console Data
Connecting your Google Analytics and Google Search Console data with your SEO campaign, all your marketing analytics data is all in one place, including the most essential Google Analytics reports, keyword ranking reports and SEO analysis data, backlink stats, competitor SEO metrics and more.
Competitor Traffic Data Powered by Compete & Alexa
You definitely have no access to your competitors’ Google Analytics accounts. Still there is a way to sneak a look at their visitor traffic trends. The Budget Websites And Apps system aggregates data from Compete and Alexa so you can now easily view your performance against up to 6 of your nearest competitors.
Competitor Metrics
Competitive Analysis Roadmap
Using the Competitive Analysis Checklist we learn what key competitor metrics you should analyse on a regular basis to improve your site’s performance.
Rankings for 20 Competitors
Get a full ranking report to compare your visibility to the visibility of 20 of your competitors.
Global and Local Search Engine Checks
Easily check how your competitors rank on local search engines or any other search engine your prospects may use.
Competitor Backlink Profiles
Check the quality of your competitors’ off-page optimisation and compare the key metrics to yours.
Unique Visitors
Find out how many unique visitors your competitors have.
Alexa Global Traffic Rank History
See how the traffic rank changed for the last 12 month for you and your competitors.
Competitor Social Citations
Check the social citations of your home page and those of your competitors.

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